Why Abuse drug, alcohol and substance addictif the bad effect.

Cahalan and Cisin research in 1979 in the United States to find the influence of alcohol abuse drug addict and substance addictif are:

  • One third traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol, which caused the death of as many as 25,000 thousand lives each year.
  • Murder or suicide is under the influence of alcohol as much as 15,000 lives
  • Diseases caused by alcohol abuse making the death of 20,000 inhabitants
  • 40 million children and parents bear the mental suffering resulting from one of the members of his family suffering alcohol dependence.
  • The rise of crime.

Medical complications can also occur as a result of alcohol abuse drug addict and the harmful substances such as adiktif body metabolism, nutrition, cancer, endokrin system, sexual interference and the development of fetus, muscle system, pancreas gland, liver disease and brain damage to the network. This is clearly not profitable for us.

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