Families in the Influence of Drug Addict Abuse

Condition of social harmony of the family who does not give a very big influence on young people involved in the abuse of drug addict, alcohol and substance adictif when compared with teenagers who grew up in the social condition of families in harmony. not a harmonious family or household means that the rope break affection between mother and father children. Busy parents in pursuing material and make a career working relationship dissolution than the time which used to give affection and attention to children and families few. In this case, actually to establish a harmonious family relationship is not with a lot of time, but the quality of togetherness or face-to-face with children and families. While parents are busy with their jobs should be able to spend some more time for children and families, especially when the child enters the age of teenagers. Society and environment also affect the very behavior of teenagers or someone in the public relations. Especially the association at the school, where the responsibility of teachers and schools to be able to oversee and guide the youth of this association is affected by the abuse of alcohol and drug addict adiktif substances. The role of community leaders, officials, believer and other social environment also helps in preventing alcohol abuse drug addict and substance adiktif. Therefore, a good climate for the development of adolescents is the family harmony, learning is good in the school environment and community well. This was important because of alcohol abuse drug addict and substance adiktif made by many teenagers and age.

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