characteristics that are easy on the mind habitue drugs.

1. habitue marijuana leaf: Tend seedy, red-eye, hold lid tightly, like to eat because of stomach feels hungry and continue laughing like if involved even if it does not talk funny.

2. habitue putauw: Often alone in the dark while you hear music, lazy bath condition because the body is always cold, the body lean, shriveled and always to the opposite kind of apathetic.

3. habitue inex or ekstasi: steam out of the house, always cheery house if listening to music, face looks tired, like lips and broken in pieces like the body sweat, often after minder inex lost influence.

4. habitue sabu-sabu: easy restless awry and what to do, rarely want to contemplate if the talk, eyes often jelalatan, dominant suspicious character, especially in people who are new, although the body sweat is in the air-conditioned rooms, like angry and sensitive.

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