Drugs and free sex

The development of drugs can not be separated from the association free users. Drugs are always identical with the free sex. Can be a daughter habitue drugs is not virgin anymore. This is because the requirement of the drug is very unusual to want to sell themselves to get drugs. Once the danger of free association on adolescent at this time because they were still in the identity search. As a result of this is the free association of free sex. Adolescent easily get a picture and cd porno movies through the Internet or sold illegally, and do what they watch. This is the effect of the progress of information technology without limits. So many potential people who lost children in the destroyed by drugs and free sex.

Then arose the next effect we know that the HIV virus and AIDS disease. Habitue Drugs and free sex is the main cause of someone fell ill HIV virus and AIDS. Through the use of a syringe shared by habitue drugs and sex relationship free of HIV is the virus that causes AIDS spread.

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