Abuse Drug , Alcohol and Substance Addict

Abuse drug, alcohol and substance addict very apprehensive at this time where the users are generally young people aged 16 years to 25 years. Age is an age which is the productive resources or assets of the nation in the future. Penyalahan negative impact of the drug addict, alcohol and substance adictif this are: destructive family relationships, lower learning ability (thinking), to be antisocial, decrease in productivity and the ability to work, act of violence or crime, traffic accidents, disturbances, and many other health.
It drug addict, alcohol and substance addict can mnyebabkan Injury to the death of a futile result of excessive (overdosis). Still continued effort to find the response, prevention and rehabilitation abuse drug, alcohol and substance addict it.

State of progress in industry and modernization of all aspects of a large increase of abuse and drug addict alkhol substances among adolescents in adictif or that are productive. National Institute of drug abuse (NIDA) reported that 1 out of 6 teenage drug addict is a trespasser, alcohol, and substance addict weight (Cumming, 1979; Thorne, 1986). It drug addict, alcohol, and substance adiktif in the United States is one of four major disturbance of the soul than fear, depression and schizophrenia.

It can be categorized as a drug addict form of mental disturbance. This can be seen from the sense of dependence on goods, and consequently create user objects behave in antisocial and inability to control themselves.

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