AIDS: Causes and Symptoms

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a retrovirus that immune system cells menginfeksi the human body - particularly CD4 + T cell and macrophage, vital components of the immune system and damage to their functions. Of HIV infection caused a reduction of the body's immune system, which cause immune deficiency. HIV is the primary cause of AIDS,
where this virus spreads very fast through:
  • My sex outside marriage, prostitution, free sex, flit pair both similar and opposite types of syringe drug users together.
  • Smooch saliva from one mouth to another mouth.

The symptoms felt by people who kill this virus is:
  • Body weight down more than 10%
  • Fever over 38 degrees centigrade
  • Sweating at night without the reason
  • Diarrhea chronic with no clear reason that more than 1 month
  • Pain tired prolonged
  • Hairy leukoplakia on the tongue
  • Herpes zoster and kandidiasis mouth
  • Pembesaran gland spleen, animea, leucopenia, limpofenia, trombositopenia
  • Found HIV antigen or antibody against HIV
  • Other clinical symptoms, another difference between the skin and hair on the head, face and skin of other body parts, nose, eyes, oral cavity (palate, teeth and gum), lungs, genitals, the body weight to decrease bone packaged skin, and symptoms of disease oportunistik other.

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