TIPS: If Any yours Family drugs involved

Know when one family involved in drugs, most of us immediately became emotional, angry and feel very ashamed. Without our family we realize that drugs are involved the more depressed and run from the family. You imagine the broken heart. These are the tips for you to behave when this happens in your family:

  • Try to be calm and not emotional.
  • Try to understand his heart, usually due to drug abuse problems that have long roots. Invent a family approach.
  • If you are not able to control emotions, you may need other people, or even people who understand the misuse of Drugs.
  • Try to open and faces the problem Communicate. Engage speak honestly so that oppression will be reduced.
  • If he was your child, try to recognize your mistake, and want to forgive the error, and should not make him more depressed with.
  • Last .. We recommend you coax your child to go to treatment or rehabilitation of residence.

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